Sri Lanka LECO Power Cut Schedule

Sri Lanka is a popular tourist destination, known for its beautiful beaches, rich history, and vibrant culture. However, tourists visiting Sri Lanka may encounter power cuts due to the limited resources of the country’s power grid. In this blog post, we’ll be discussing the LECO Power Cut Schedule and providing tips on how tourists can prepare for power cuts during their visit to Sri Lanka.

In this article we will be explaining you about the process to check the “power cuts” scheduled by Leco. Their are two electricity suppliers in Sri Lanka, named as :

  • CEB – Ceylon Electricity Board
  • LECO – Lanka Electricity Company (Private) Limited

What is the LECO Power Cut Schedule? The Lanka Electricity Company (LECO) manages the power sector in Sri Lanka and has implemented a Power Cut Schedule to manage the demand and supply of electricity across the country. The power cuts are planned and implemented in different areas at different times to reduce the strain on the power grid during peak hours. The power cuts are usually implemented for a few hours at a time and are rotated across different areas to ensure that no single area experiences frequent or prolonged power cuts.

When are the Power Cuts Implemented? The LECO Power Cut Schedule varies depending on the time of year and the demand for electricity. During the hot summer months, when the demand for electricity is high due to increased use of air conditioning, power cuts may be implemented more frequently. The power cuts are usually announced in advance, and customers can check the LECO website or contact the LECO customer service center to find out when the power cuts will be implemented in their area.

How to Prepare for Power Cuts? Tourists visiting Sri Lanka are advised to prepare for power cuts by carrying a fully charged power bank or backup battery for their electronic devices. It is also recommended to have a flashlight or other emergency lighting, as well as a supply of drinking water and non-perishable snacks. During power cuts, it is important to conserve energy by turning off lights and other non-essential appliances.

Tips for Coping with Power Cuts: If you experience a power cut during your visit to Sri Lanka, there are several things you can do to cope with the situation:

  1. Stay Calm: Power cuts are a common occurrence in Sri Lanka and are not usually an emergency. Stay calm and wait for the power to come back on.
  2. Stay Informed: Check the LECO website or contact the customer service center to find out when the power cut is scheduled to end. This will help you plan your activities accordingly.
  3. Explore Outdoors: Sri Lanka is known for its beautiful beaches and natural attractions. Take advantage of the power cut to explore the outdoors and experience the beauty of the country.
  4. Enjoy Local Cuisine: Sri Lanka has a rich culinary tradition, with many delicious dishes to try. Use the power cut as an opportunity to try some local cuisine and experience the culture of Sri Lanka.

Conclusion: Power cuts are a common occurrence in Sri Lanka, and tourists visiting the country should be prepared for the possibility of power cuts during their stay. By following the LECO Power Cut Schedule, tourists can plan their activities accordingly and minimize the impact of power cuts on their travel experience. With its beautiful beaches, rich history, and vibrant culture, Sri Lanka is a destination worth visiting, even with occasional power cuts.

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