Best way to get your groceries delivered when you are in Galle-Sri lanka

The Online Delivery systems were not much popular in Sri Lanka until the Covid-19 Pandemic became a crisis to the whole world. Due to curfew imposed by the governments people had to find ways to get their daily needs delivered so Sri Lankans started making interest on online shopping and over the phone delivery systems.

Keells Super which is a popular supermarket chain had an online shopping system which became so much popular among the citizens. According to my research the best way to get your groceries delivered is using too due to the reasonable delivery cost LKR150 Nov 21, 2020 (LKR275 at the time of publishing this blog) and the quality of the website.

Still due to the very high demand during the pandemic they too faced many technical difficulties but the team was able to fix it soon and catch up with the demand. One of the main challenges they faced is the high demand amount visitors to the website. To get rid of this they started using a technology by a Danish Company that will hold the customers like in the concept of a waiting room. Once your turn arrives you are allowed to enter the website.

These kind of quick adaptable use of technologies clearly show that Keells Super is one of the outstanding supermarkets in Sri Lanka.


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